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Creatic is dedicated to offer the best operable wall system & flooring coverings solution in the world. We are proud to always be able to meet with client's needs & budget.


Under ISO9001 & ISO14001, our collections are manufactured with the most stringent standard. We focus on providing carefree solution to our clients with Ecolabel certified products while meeting international well-being & green standards such as WELL, LEED & BEAM Plus.


From kindergartens to schools, retail shops to offices & apartments to hotels, and to every single walk of life, Creatic has a solution to fit your most innovative & audacious ideas.

When you are looking for a cost-effective way to add style and functionality to your space, speak to our consultant. 


Architects & designers created colours and designs for Creatic Flooring as a powerful design element in their projects, thereby establishing an artistic tradition which continues to this day.

In addition to its comprehensive product range, Creatic Flooring team are happy and able to advise on design issues in healthcare, education, office and retail environments. A committed team is available to support architects and designers in selecting the perfect floor covering for their projects: from contemporary collections and timeless classics, created to the highest aesthetic and quality standards, to distinctive and original solutions designed for individual projects according to the architect’s specifications.

The comprehensive collections including DLW Linoleum Flooring, Novalis Luxury Vinyl Tile, Grabo Vinyl Flooring & Tuntex Carpet Tile, Silos Epoxy Flooring System, as well as specialty flooring solutions.

Movable Partition

Creatic Movable Partition - Parthos & Monoplan help to expand the imagination of designers. This applies especially to the development of flexible space-saving solutions for hotels, congress and convention centres, schools, offices, restaurants, shopping centres and commercial buildings. Our greatest strength is our ability to deliver custom work.


The solid panels collections - Parthos Palace & Monoplan S, especially, is proof of this: a durable movable wall that is extremely easy to operate. In addition to the standard models, we offer many other possibilities, smartly functional and fire-resistant. The design can be tailored seamlessly to your project. If you wish to divide a room without any loss of sound insulation and transparency, the glazed collections - Parthos Transpalace & Monoplan G may offer the best solution.


Every square metre of your area to be divided can be used as efficiently as possible. We offer durable and quickly realisable solutions for every project. Our optimal support not only during the design and construction process, but aftersales services as well.

Creatic Limited is a specialist in specialises in delivering exceptional solutions to architects and designers with trusted project management services across multiple sectors.

Movable Partition

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