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Outdoor Vinyl Flooring
Washroom Vinyl Sheet
Anti-microbial Wall Sheet


Since its foundation in Tokyo, Japan over 80 years ago. Lonseal has been using creative inspiration and cutting-edge technology to develop flooring materials that address concerns for safety and the environment. We supply flooring materials that are found in various living spaces including schools, factory facilities, condominiums, hallways, medical and assistance facilities, retail spaces, and many more.

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Outdoor Vinyl Flooring

It is designed to exert a high slip-resistance performance in multidirectional movement.
It has high tolerance to color changes due to sun light under any weather conditions.
Noise barrier properties absorbs footsteps.
It requires easy and little maintenance.



Washroom Vinyl Sheet

SANITALEUM has a high-grade UV-cured resin layered and a versatile design that compliments an entire facility.

It has high antifouling effect and antiviral effect.

Waxless surface layer makes daily maintenance easier. High-grade UV-cured resin layer prevents dirt and other fluid contamination from adhering impurity.

It will keep flooring surface clean without additional coating.

Lonwall Guard L

Anti-microbial Wall Sheet

Lonwall wall sheet is anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-fungal to keep the sanitary environment. (according to ISO21702)

The antiviral effect inactivates more than 99% of the envelope viruses per hour.


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