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SPC Flooring: 8 Advantages that Meet All Your Flooring Requirements

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Are you still unsure about which type of flooring to choose? Hardwood? Ceramic tiles? Seamless flooring? Vinyl flooring?

After understanding the eight advantages of SPC flooring, it might just be your best choice!

1. High Cost-effectiveness Compared to traditional seamless hardwood and vinyl flooring, SPC flooring has significant advantages in terms of durability, waterproofing, and environmental friendliness. It meets the demands of Hong Kong people for "fast, beautiful, and high-quality" flooring. You might think that a product with so many benefits must come at a high price, but SPC flooring, being composed of plastic and stone materials, is more affordable. In other words, it offers a higher cost-effectiveness.

2. Easy Installation

You might believe that traditional seamless hardwood flooring is more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. However, have you considered the complexity of installation and maintenance associated with it? Installing hardwood flooring requires a highly levelled subfloor. Even slight irregularities in the subfloor would necessitate costly leveling work. On the other hand, high-quality SPC flooring is designed with a layer of flexible cushioning material to accommodate such issues. This allows SPC flooring to remain even on uneven subfloors.

SPC flooring

3. Sturdy and Durable

As the name suggests, SPC flooring is made from stone and plastic materials, making it harder, sturdier, and more durable. These characteristics are precisely what most users seek in a flooring option.

4. Mold and Bacteria Resistant

The base material of SPC flooring contains vinyl resin, which is a hydrophobic substance with high water resistance. This feature makes SPC flooring resistant to mold and bacteria growth.

SPC flooring

5. High Resilience and Softness

The plastic component (PVC) used in SPC flooring is widely used in the production of toy models. High-quality PVC exhibits excellent elasticity and is resistant to damage from heavy impacts. Roll flooring performs even better in this aspect. Unlike solid wood, SPC flooring is not easily damaged, and it is not as fragile as tiles. Additionally, the flexibility of plastic reduces the risk of injuries caused by falls, greatly minimizing the chances of getting hurt.

6. Tight and Seamless

SPC flooring can be installed using a tongue-and-groove system, just like traditional seamless flooring. When installed tightly, it prevents the entry of water, moisture, and dirt into the gaps. It is worth noting that many people tend to use the term "seamless flooring" to refer to fiber-based flooring options since wood fiber, vinyl, and SPC flooring all utilize the tongue-and-groove method of installation. However, it should be noted that solid wood and engineered wood flooring also employ this installation method.

SPC flooring

7. Wear and Scratch Resistance

As mentioned earlier, fiber-based flooring options share similar structural characteristics. The wear layer of SPC flooring is what makes it more durable and easier to maintain than solid wood flooring. The wear layer can have different ratings, indicating varying degrees of wear resistance. The AC rating system is an international standard used to evaluate fiber-based flooring, testing factors such as stain resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance, and wear resistance. Based on the comprehensive results, it is assigned an AC1 to AC6 rating. For customers, the wear and scratch resistance of fiber-based flooring is of utmost importance. The higher the AC rating, the stronger the resistance to impact and scratches. Typically, an AC3 rating is sufficient for residential use, while AC5 or higher is considered commercial-grade. In general, SPC flooring, traditional seamless flooring, and vinyl flooring all have satisfactory AC ratings.

8. Environmentally Friendly

Although products may vary among different manufacturers, most SPC flooring undergoes testing and certification to demonstrate that they do not release formaldehyde or contain any radioactive substances. They are considered environmentally friendly materials.

SPC flooring

In summary, SPC flooring combines the advantages of vinyl and traditional seamless flooring. Additionally, it is priced similarly to other flooring materials. Therefore, SPC flooring can be considered a gift of the new generation of flooring materials and has gained significant popularity in recent years.

As an expert in the flooring industry, Creatic Flooring has provided countless customers with high-quality and satisfying SPC flooring solutions. If you're interested, feel free to contact Creatic Flooring to learn more!

Creatic Flooring

Address: 5A1, Block 3, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, 448-458 Kwun Tong Road, Hong Kong

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