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What is Movable Partition?

When we live or work in open spaces, we often need a temporary private corner away from others, but this space is not permanently required. To address this need, movable partitions provide an ideal solution. They are convenient, flexible, and designable to adapt to various environments while allowing for space division when needed. Depending on the specific requirements of customers, movable partitions can have different technical features and personalized designs, with sound insulation being one of the important elements.

movable partition

Structure of Movable Partitions:

movable partition structure

  1. Soundproofing material

  2. Piggyback groove

  3. Telescopic board

  4. Steel core

  5. Gypsum board

  6. Steel plate

  7. Decorative panel

movable partition structure

Types of Movable Partitions:

Acoustic movable partitions allow for quick and easy space reconfiguration using a patented sliding system without the need for floor tracks. The decorative panels can be chosen based on personal preferences, such as melamine board, Formica, fabric upholstery, glass, etc. Using glass movable partitions can increase indoor transparency, create a sense of space, and provide sound insulation of up to 47dB.

Glass Movable Partition

Why Choose Movable Partitions?

In Hong Kong, where space is limited and population density is high, everyone hopes to make the most of every inch of space. Movable partitions can maximize efficiency, turning a limited space into a versatile one. For example, a spacious conference hall that can accommodate a hundred people may only have a few meetings with such attendance in a month, leaving the space unused for the rest of the time. To better utilize the space, movable partitions can divide the conference hall into multiple smaller meeting rooms, allowing for effective use of the space on a regular basis and increasing flexibility in utilization.

movable partition

From a design perspective, designers can enhance interior designs through the use of movable partitions, creating personal and uniquely creative spaces. Privacy is highly valued in rooms, and users often desire a private space without disturbances. The soundproofing functionality of movable partitions can meet this requirement, ensuring privacy without leaking sound or being disrupted by external noises.

Economic benefits are also an important factor. When fixed expenses such as labor, material costs, rent, and transportation cannot be changed, movable partitions offer a lower installation cost due to their lightweight materials and quick and simple installation. They not only effectively utilize the space but also enhance economic efficiency.

Trends of Movable Partitions in Hong Kong:

Modern architectural designs require higher flexibility and convenience to fully utilize limited space. At the same time, modern individuals require private spaces where they won't be disturbed. Interior designers need to understand these trends and meet these demands. Only solutions that cater to the needs of the public will be successful. Therefore, designers need to emphasize sound insulation in their design solutions and ensure user-friendly operation. Acoustic movable partitions are one of the best solutions in this regard.

The expensive land in Hong Kong is an unchangeable reality, and space management is necessary in the present. A government study in Hong Kong revealed that 60% of surveyed kindergarten students have insufficient space per person, which is one of the problems resulting from limited space. Therefore, we must seek a solution to create more space. If you are facing similar issues, consider installing movable partitions to make the most out of every location and bring better planning to the space.

movable partition reference
Movable Partition Job Reference - Cannan Kindergarten

Creatic has been providing solutions to countless customers for their space constraints over the years, including kindergartens, hotels, offices, non-governmental organizations, schools, and more. Feel free to inquire for more information or request a free quotation!

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