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Understanding the Price, Specifications, and Styles of Movable Partitions

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Before discussing the price, specifications, and styles of movable partitions, let's first understand what a movable partition is.

Movable partition is also called operable wall. Unlike conventional screens, movable partitions have several distinctive features. Firstly, they are composed of several independent solid or glass panels, with the number of panels determined by the area to be partitioned. Additionally, these partitions are supported by ceiling-mounted tracks and achieve sound isolation by utilizing concealed expandable bottom and top seals when locked.

Due to their ability to provide effective sound insulation, movable partitions have gained popularity in recent years as they offer an additional design solution for Hong Kong people to create separate private spaces. The flexibility of these partitions allows for optimal utilization of space in Hong Kong's limited space.


Now, let's address the question that everyone is curious about: How much does it cost to install a movable partition? To be honest, the cost varies greatly, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of Hong Kong dollars. The price depends primarily on factors such as the location, length, and height of the installation. For instance, if it is a large convention space with a height of several meters and a length of several tens of meters, requiring high soundproofing capabilities, it would not be surprising for the cost to reach millions of dollars. Additionally, the choice of style and thickness also affects the price. Based on my experience with different companies, there are variations in styles. The brand I have worked a lot with provides glass partitions available in three different thicknesses and solid partitions available in four different thicknesses. Therefore, the price depends on the materials used. In summary, different thicknesses of movable partitions offer varying degrees of sound insulation, and if the soundproofing requirements are not high, the price can be quite affordable.


To assess the effectiveness of a soundproof partition, we usually look at its sound insulation rating in decibels (dB). Referring to the data in the provided image above, a 65mm partition can achieve a sound insulation rating of 35dB. This means that the sounds from the isolated space may be faintly heard on either side but remain indistinct. Of course, the actual soundproofing performance depends on various factors such as objects, flooring, and the size of the space. Nevertheless, movable partitions play a crucial role in achieving effective soundproofing.

I've explained how different factors influence the price of movable soundproof partitions. However, if we consider the mentioned brand, the average price ranges from around $3,XXX per square meter to as high as $6,XXX per square meter. The actual cost will depend on your specific requirements, such as the inclusion of doors, glass panels, or decorative finishes. If you need a price estimate, feel free to contact me, and I'll provide you with a quotation free of charge.

Pricing for Movable Partition Projects:

Sound Insulation Rating: 32dB Panel Size: 6000mm (length) x 2300mm (height) (actual ceiling height: 2800mm) Reference Price: HK$54,000

Sound Insulation Rating: 45dB Panel Size: 6000mm (length) x 2300mm (height) (actual ceiling height: 2800mm) Reference Price: HK$62,000

Sound Insulation Rating: 52dB Panel Size: 6000mm (length) x 2300mm (height) (actual ceiling height: 2800mm) Reference Price: HK$73,000

Additional Door within the Partition: Reference Price: HK$3,000

Please note that the above prices are for reference only and do not include costs for dismantling, modifying existing walls or obstacles, and transportation fees. The height of the room also affects the price of the partition. All pricing is subject to the specific site conditions.

After discussing the pricing, let's briefly explain the structure of movable partitions:

movable wall structure

Frame: Constructed from 2mm galvanized steel, the frame is sturdy and durable.

Sealing Strips: Multiple layers of touch-sensitive sealing strips are installed at the top and bottom of the partition, enhancing sound insulation performance.

Edge Finishing: Optional protective frames or frameless designs are available, allowing flexibility to accommodate fixed or interchangeable panels.

Compression Seals: Equipped with vertical compression seals, the partitions achieve a deeper fit, ensuring no sound leakage.

Surface Finish: The basic surface finish can be gypsum board or galvanized steel. Other options include decorative surfaces and glass panels.

Tracks: The multi-directional track and roller system make the partition system more convenient and user-friendly. The partitions swiftly move along the tracks and into storage spaces through turning and junction areas. The quick-setup sealing system facilitates easy fixation and storage operations, allowing for effortless control by a single person. Various track options are available to meet different project requirements. The aluminum alloy track system is made from anodized aluminum alloy, secured and adjusted into a straight line using connecting pins, ensuring smooth, silent operation, and excellent sound insulation performance.

Creatic has been dedicated to providing high-quality movable partitions solutions, helping numerous customers create more space. Feel free to inquire for more information or request a free quotation!

Creatic Movable Partition

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