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How to Choose Movable Partitions? Different Requirements for Schools, Offices, and Hotels!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

glazed movable wall

When it comes to movable partitions, do you still associate them only with "Chinese restaurant room dividers"? In fact, movable partitions are no longer limited to installation in restaurants.

In Hong Kong, where space is scarce, everyone wants to make the most out of every inch, unleashing the maximum potential and turning spaces into "limitless possibilities." Therefore, whether it's for schools, offices, or even hotels, movable partitions are used for dividing space. Different locations have different requirements for movable partitions, so let me introduce them to you!

Common partitions can be divided into two types: solid panels and glazed panels. Users can choose different finishes for the partitions to match the interior design of the space and enhance the aesthetic appeal. In addition to the basic options such as laminated panels, there are also choices like fabric, mirrored surfaces, sound-absorbing panels, and more.


Before selecting movable partitions, it's important to understand the benefits they bring to the design. Movable partitions are like movable walls that can divide a room into two or more. Therefore, the placement of the partitions requires careful consideration. Taking schools as an example, many school halls are equipped with partitions. This allows students to engage in different activities within the hall, such as playing ping pong in separate areas, creating discussion rooms for group work, or opening up the space for morning assemblies or large lectures. Movable partitions offer versatility for both dynamic and quiet activities.


In addition to creating diverse spatial configurations, movable partitions with soundproofing capabilities can take the workplace to the next level. As someone who frequently visits different companies and meets with clients, I've noticed that most office spaces have at least one movable partition. This is especially prominent in meeting rooms. High-performance soundproof partitions can reduce the awkwardness of colleagues "overhearing" conversations and eliminate concerns about colleagues occupying meeting rooms for too long. This enhances efficiency by allowing everyone to use the same space, ultimately improving productivity.


Movable partitions in hotels may not necessarily require high soundproofing, but they definitely need to be aesthetically pleasing. With high foot traffic in hotels, beautifully designed movable partitions that complement the interior contribute to an enjoyable guest experience. These partitions not only create an appealing visual environment but also provide the necessary sense of space, contributing to the establishment of an elegant brand image.

FAQs about Movable Partitions:

Q: With so many styles of partitions available, how do I choose the right one?

A: We can consider several factors when selecting movable partitions:

  1. Soundproofing requirements

  2. Partition finishes

  3. Operation methods

Q: Can doors be installed in movable partitions? How long does it take to install movable partitions?

A: Yes, doors can be installed! There are several types of door panels to choose from, such as single doors, double doors, and folding doors. The choice of door panels depends on the specific design requirements.

doors of movable wall

Q: How long does it take to install movable partitions?

A: It's important to note that most movable partitions are made to order since different customers have different preferences regarding styles and sizes. The manufacturing process generally takes four to eight weeks (depending on the design, type and brand, lead times may vary).

With so many benefits of movable partitions, it's worth considering them for your next interior design project! If you have any further questions, feel free to consult the movable partition experts at Creatic.

Creatic Movable Partition

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